Fire Safety

Do You  carry out regular checks to make sure that

all fire alarm systems are working
the emergency lighting is working
you record any faults in systems and equipment
all escape routes are clear and the floor is in good condition
all fire escapes can be opened easily
automatic fire doors close correctly
fire exit signs are in the right place

Not sure […]

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From burger bar to posh hotel ….

We all want quality and safe food  when we go out to eat .

Does your favourite train the staff or “wing it”?

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Jelly babies save lives!

On for the First  Aiders

loving the badges from — lets help raise iawareness


Would you know what to do ?

Do you know how they save lives ?

Maybe you need training  ….

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Who are we & why should you use us?


Please take a minute to see a FUN view of what we do !

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Epilepsy Awareness Day

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Back To work !

Plan Ahead – Book early

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